Local Landscapes

It isnt always necessary to travel to our beautiful national parks in order to find a landscape worth photographing. With an open mind, the right lighting and a bit of imagination it is possible to find interesting images almost anywhere.

My home town of Wigan doesn’t top anyones’ list of beauty spots to visit, but step away from the urban areas and the local area boasts some green and pleasant landscapes. The following images were all taken within a 2 mile stroll of my front door in an attempt to find the beautiful on my doorstep.

The first set above were taken on the open land between the villages of Garswood and Billinge. The Ordnance Survey refers to this area as Torpen Woods, whereas many local insist on a more romantic connection with the famous highwayman Turpin. If he did indeed seek cover in the woods hereabouts he took quite a detour from his usual hunting grounds!

This set of images are taken within a stones throw of the M6 motorway near an area of land once for open cast mining. It is remarkable how quickly the land has recovered from the ravages of industry and returned to its former bucolic beauty.

The images in the site above all feature Billinge Hill and its peculiar little folly on top. The beacon provides a point of interest in the landscape when taking sunset shots in particular. The image with the shaft of golden light is apparently a “sun pillar”. This is a relatively rare phenomena caused by reflective crystals in the upper atmosphere at sunset. It looks like a spotlight from above!

Perhaps a more familiar view of Wigan to finish with: images of the eponymous pier. This was a classic case of taking your opportunities when they arise. I was heading back from town when I spotted the potential for an interesting sunset shot. With my spare camera in the glove box I was able to park up and fire off some shots just before those moody skies delivered their cargo of torrential rain!

So whilst my first love may be the spectacular fells of the Lake District, there is beauty to behold almost anywhere if you look hard enough!

Contact me if you are interested in a print. Prices start at £20 (inc PnP) for an A4 high quality print, but all sizes and formats available.


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