Dawn Raid!

If this spectacular winter weather continues I’m going to need a new alarm app for my phone. For the second week running my mobile failed to go off leaving me scrambling for kit and heading north at breakneck pace in order to catch a forecast fabulous sunrise in the Lake District.

The plan had been to head for Consiston to see what I could capture of the Furness fells from the Eastern Brantwood side of the lake. Even hitting the M6 at shortly after 6am I was still worried that I wouldn’t have enough time to make my way through to Coniston to catch the dawn.

As I sped along the A5074 near Windermere village I could see that the lake was buried beneath a spectacular inversion, but by the time I’d reached Low Wood Bay that had changed. Windermere was a still as a mill pond with tendrils of smoky mists adding an air of mystery and magic to the far shores. In the pre-dawn the scene was washed of colour and already looked like a black and white photograph waiting to be taken!

I couldn’t resist, and pulled over at Waterhead to catch what I could of the sunrise from the area of Holme Crag.

These are just the first few images from what turned into a fabulous mornings photography. I have a couple of Gigabytes worth of images to work my way through which should keep me busy for the rest of the week! Watch out for more uploads!

The photography sometimes becomes incidental to just appreciating the chance to stand in this beautiful landscape. Its a great excuse to get up early and head out to enjoy the fells in all their changing moods. Saturday was a perfect example of that; a privilege to witness and attempt to capture and share.

As you can probably tell from my suddenly increased social media activities I am now making my images available for purchase! Contact me if you are interested in a print. Prices start at £20 (inc PnP) for an A4 high quality print, but all sizes and formats available.

Alternatively you can purchase a full resolution electronic Download and print your own here: 500px.com/gamillington – or contact me via the site and I can arrange a direct email copy.



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