Derwentwater Dawn


The forecast promised clear skies, low wind speeds and a dollop of sunshine around Keswick for Saturday morning. This usually means ideal conditions for a good sunrise over water and helped decide my location for a weekend of photo-hunting. It had also been over a fortnight since I had feasted my eyes on the delights of the Lake District and the added possibility of a little snow on the fell tops was too much to resist.

An 8:25 sunrise made for a very early start in order to cover the 100 miles from HQ to Keswick. On the journey up the conditions looked less than promising with drizzle as we set off and a thick blanket of cloud all the way to Penrith. The fells looked spectacular in their fresh coats of frost and snow in blue hour, but I didn’t hold out much hope of a decent sunrise by the time we reached the shores of Derwentwater.

There were a few other photographers on site all shuffling about and crossing fingers for the cloud to clear in time for the sun.  I took a few hopeful shots of the dull view from Borrans Park before wandering down to Friars Crag. As I arrived the cloud began to break up almost at the same time as the sun cleared the Eastern fells and shone the first rays of the day onto Dewentwater and the eastern hills.

I ended up almost filling a 32GB memory card with shots from here, Thirlmere and Langdale, (of which more later) on a day made for photography. Its going to take a while to work my way through all the shots but here are the first few from the lake side:

I opted to try out a few long exposure shots to show the dreamlike motion of the clouds over a slightly choppy lake. As the conditions clamed I went for straightforward exposures with no filters. Lots more to come!

Contact me if you are interested in a print of any of my images. From £20 (inc PnP) for an A4 high quality print.

Purchase an electronic Download and print your own here:


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