Winter Sunsets

A return to home ground and some varied shots from around the area.

First up a spectacular sunset over the fields near Garswood had me running across a ploughed field, tripod in hand in order to line up the quickly setting sun with a prominent chimney stack. Its amazing just how quickly the sun drops at this point, and how far it moves laterally too. Each time I set up it had moved to the right a fraction and I had to quickly gather my kit and run to the left again!

Next an attempt to gain a “dogs eye” perspective of the trails. I would have preferred a sharper shot of the dog herself, and maybe a crane to lift me back up again having got down so low for the angle!

With little in the way of good light to use over the next few days the best I could come up was this pair of black and white shots. This particular section of the 3 sisters woods has long attracted my eye but I haven’t yet been able to capture what exactly it is that I find interesting. I’m not sure I have succeeded with this shot of Goldie deep inside a knot of darkened trees but its getting close. There is something stark and architectural about the way the branches grow towards each other over the path here with the lone twisty tree in the centre. I’ll keep trying in different light and see what I can come up with.

The night image was a fortuitous conjunction of a moon so low that it appeared to hang just above the nearby streetlights. I was actually filling the recycling bins when I spotted the striking sight of an apparently huge moon, and popped back inside to grab my camera. I resorted to propping the camera on the bin as a tripod, cushioned by my coat to get the angle. This was a relatively long exposure, manually focussed at some magnification to get the framing right. I was quite pleased with the result.

Realms of Fire! I can claim no credit for the artistic input into the final image. The inspiration for this came entirely from my 10 year old daughter who was “helping me” burn off some rubbish in the Chimenea. We had used some old copies of astronomy magazines to get the blaze going and she remarked upon the irony of images of the sun and various galaxies going up in flames. We decided to grab the camera and see if we could create something interesting out of our destruction!

realms of fire.jpg


Contact me if you are interested in a print of any of my images. From £20 (inc PnP) for an A4 high quality print. All sizes and formats available.


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