Frosty Morning

In an attempt to burn off some of those Christmas calories I made the effort to head out early and capture some sunrise shots. I chose to head to the fields and footpaths between Garswood and Billinge with the relatively flat horizon offering the best chance of sunrise images. A fresh frost added a white/blue sheen to the pre-dawn landscape.

The first shot was a fellow dog walker who I passed on the way down the hill and realized she was about to make a striking silhouette on the horizon. When the sun finally did arrive the ground mists dulled its luminance sufficiently to enable me to shoot directly at it, (pic 2).

First light bathed the fields in a beautifully buttery yellow light , (pic 3 and 4), before giving way to some gorgeous pastel shades the day drew on.

After a successful mornings shooting I warmed up and headed out again in time to catch the sunset. These short Winter days don’t leave a lot of time in between daybreak and sundown! There was such a strong haze that nothing was visible beyond a few hundred yards and by the time the sun dipped it was lost in the thickening fog. These two shots were the best I got:

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