Chasing Sunsets

It seems like we have had nothing but flat grey skies and drizzle in my part of the world for the past week. There was a spectacular sunset a few days ago but I managed to miss  it completely inside the house playing with macro shots.

With a half hopeful forecast I set out to catch whatever the skies had to offer tonight. Weathercock Hill above Garswood offered the best chance to view an unobstructed sunset all the way to the horizon so I set up my tripod and waited. This was also the first chance I have had to use my newly purchased set of Cokin ND Grads.

I fired off a few test shots and could quickly tell how useful these are going to be. It may be a bit fiddly to set them up, but they seem to increase the chances of getting the shot right in camera rather than dropping gradients on in Lightroom during post processing. The ND6 was of most use this evening as it tamed the fiery skies and allowed me to retain just enough detail in the foreground to keep things interesting.

First few shots below with more to follow both here and on my Flickr Feed

This was taken with my soft 55-300mm zoom lens which usually produces pretty disappointing results. As I was looking for a misty atmospheric shot anyway I gave it a go. F10 300mm 1/640



18-140 lens f7.1 at ISO 220 . The sun suddenly appeared through the clouds but was sinking fast. I had just enough time to swap out the soft 300mm and attach my nicer 18-140 for this shot.
The 18-140 with a Cokin ND 4 Grad . F22 for depth of field  at ISO 110. Tripod used for a 1/30 sec at 18mm. I was trying to catch some of the sunray effect.
Handheld shot as I was leaving and spotted the afterglow of the sunset was producing some lovely colours. 18-140 bracketed shot merged in Lightroom


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